Marine Surveying

Julian specialises in wooden vessels and undertakes Insurance and Pre-Purchase surveys across the south of the UK. Julian is well accustomed to the differing construction types of wooden hulls, and likewise the specific issues that can often be associated with each. Our survey reports are pragmatic and written clearly in a format that is well structured and based on guidelines set by the International Institute of Marine Surveying- of which Julian is Affiliate Member.

Reports are completed in .PDF format within three working days of undertaking the survey (paper copies can be sent by recorded post). We are fully insured and carry Professional Indemnity and Public Liability cover. Surveys start from £8.00 per foot LOA. Mileage is charged at cost.

Types of survey we undertake:

Pre-Purchase/Condition Survey:A comprehensive survey commissioned by a potential buyer prior to making the purchase. This will need to be done with the boat out of the water, in order to fully assess the external surfaces of the hull, before going on to the rest of the vessel’s structure and systems. A pre-purchase and condition survey is considered to ascertain the structural condition of the craft. All other items are inspected on a non-intrusive, visual basis only unless specifically agreed in the contract of the survey.

Insurance Survey: This survey is commissioned by the vessel owner when his insurance company requests a survey before renewing an insurance policy.  These used to be required when the vessel was 20 years old and then every 5 years, although this is changing on some insurance policies now.

Please call or email Julian to discuss your survey requirements.